Wedding Photography


A New Era

For almost a quarter of a century, I’ve been traveling the world capturing relaxed portraits and real moments for the coolest couples on the planet.

Running my own wedding photography business has been deeply rewarding and I am proud of the brand I built.

However, in recent years, after completely overhauling my health and transforming my life, I’ve felt compelled to help others who want to get on the path to better health and fitness… which unfortunately leaves little time to run a photography business.

Thankfully, I married a fellow wedding photographer and savvy business woman.

I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with my lovely and talented wife Ashley, and going forward… while both of us will be photographing weddings, she’ll be running the day to day operations of our business.

Branding Photography

My Personal Work

This is my personal work... which means I shot it because I wanted to, not because someone paid me to.