Attention Wedding Photographers:

Start Getting Paid What You're Worth

Let's Face It...

As a wedding photographer in today's ever more competitive marketplace... knowing how much to charge for your products and services can be tricky.

You want to get paid what you are worth, but want to make sure clients are able to see the value you are offering... otherwise they’ll hire someone else.

I will help you develop win-win packages that are attractive to clients AND profitable for your business.

FYI... there are tons of eBooks, video courses and other resources that might help you with your pricing for a lot less money than what I’m charging... but you still have to figure it out for yourself.

When you hire me for a Price Check... I will personally help you come up with your new profitable packages.

I won’t just do it for you, because I believe it’s better to “teach a man to fish”, but I will be right by your side to make sure you understand the concepts and are able to implement them effectively.


I Will Teach You:

  • How to make your website more attractive to potential clients so you'll get more inquiries.

  • How to develop win-win packages that add value for your clients and make them happy to pay you what you are worth.

  • Exactly what to do to increase the chances that your inquiries turn into bookings.

Oh... and it comes with a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

Show Me the $$$

"This is not an eBook, or a pre-recorded video course. You will be receiving personalized, 1 on 1 help from yours truly" ~ Becker

How It Works

The investment is $497 and it comes with a money back guarantee*.


Start by placing your order for the Price Check:



Send me your current price list, as well as any marketing materials that you give to prospective clients.


Within 1 week, I will contact you to schedule an hour long Skype consultation (or via telephone if you prefer).

  • During our conversation, I will show you how to develop win-win packages that are attractive to your clients while increasing your revenue.

I will also teach you the methodology behind my value based pricing system that will help ensure that you'll be able to continually raise your rates as demand for your services increases.


You Will Also Get:

  • A copy of The [ b ] Experience eBook that I send to my prospective clients (which contains my detailed price list).

  • Feedback on your website, especially in regards to your pricing page.

  • My advice on handling the initial inquiries, setting the tone for success during the consultation and my tips on how to follow up without being annoying.


    As An Added Bonus:

  • I will share my super simple, low pressure album pre-design process complete with the actual email I send to my clients.

  • I will also share tips on dealing with price shoppers, ensuring prospective clients follow up with you and how do deal with brides who ask for discounts.

    *My Guarantee:

    I'm so confident that my pricing system will help you earn more money that I guarantee you'll make your investment back within your next 2 or 3 bookings (most make it back in their very next booking).

    If you do not, simply contact me for a full refund.

About [ b ]

I've been shooting weddings for 20 years now and I've tried just about every kind of pricing systems imaginable. I know what works, and what doesn't and I'd love to help you start making more money.

I promise you will be happy with your return on this investment or I'll give you your money back.


"“When I first started out on my own as a photographer, I was a complete mess when it came to setting my pricing! I think I had three packages all about $700 apart from one another, and they definitely didn’t make sense. The client was actually getting a much worse value at my top package, and I was actually making less money. When Becker overhauled my price list, I booked a $6,000 wedding the very next week, more than twice the amount I’d ever booked before. The only change in my business that I had made was giving the client packages that she could see the value in as well as understand clearly. If you haven’t had Becker review and change your price list yet, you are not making the money you should be making! ” "

Jessica Claire

"“Becker’s guidance has been indispensable in helping us to steadily increase our rates and bookings over the past four years. He has helped us, every step of the way, to confidently increase prices, lower costs and achieve our revenue goals, while keeping the ever-elusive pricing dilemma simple and surmountable. Becker’s help has been a driving force behind our quick, steady and very successful growth in a super-competitive market. I wholeheartedly recommend Becker’s consulting services to anyone and everyone who is interested in making more money!”"

Chenin Boutwell

"“Becker’s price check is the most worthwhile investment you can make in your business. Even if you make just $250 more a wedding, it will have paid for itself in that amount of time. We doubled our average booking price per wedding after doing Becker’s Price Check. THANKS! ”"

Cathy & David Photographers

"“Becker’s advice on my pricing and has taken my business to a whole new level. Going from booking at an average of 5k to 11k locally and 20k + for my destinations in just two years has elevated my business to a whole new level. I went from booking 20 weddings to currently having 38 at my price point and having the clients that I wanted to work with. No more giving deals, those days are over. Thanks Becker for your advice. It’s worth a million bucks. ”"

Gene Higa

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