Discovery Call

Hey Fellow Primal Health Coach
I'd love to offer you a complimentary, NO-OBLIGATION discovery call to see how we may be able to work together to grow your business.
During our call, I'll be happy to review your website (if you have one) or share some thoughts on how to set up your website (if you are in the process of setting one up).
I'm also happy to answer any questions you make have about how I run my coaching businesses... nothing is off-limits.
I look forward to speaking with you soon!
Coach Becker

Step 1- Choose a time to chat


Step 2 - Download Zoom

I prefer to host the discovery calls via video chat so we can get to know each other better, and also so I can share my screen if we end up going through your website.

If you'd rather just chat on the phone, simply email your preference when you get the confirmation email. 

*Trust me, you're going to want to use Zoom to host your discovery/coaching calls as well.

""First, if he's still doing it, take him up on the free consultation call. There's absolutely no pressure to continue but you'll get invaluable feedback and info you can use right now to build your business. And thanks to him, I now now have a fully functioning website that automatically follows up with potential clients, gets them into a low cost cost "challenge" which can then automatically upsell them to a monthly membership program and/or higher cost one-on-one coaching. A scalable business doing what you love - what could be better than that?"

Coach Gregg Kellogg

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