These are some of my favorite tools that help me run my coaching business.

Some options are free, some are not, but either way...

I wanted to share my toolkit with you!

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The Ultimate Set Up

Here's What I Use to Run My Coaching Businesses:


Kajabi is the best all-in-one platform to host your entire coaching business. You can use it as your website, for landing pages, email marketing, course, memberships, and even a community. It's not cheap (starting at $119/mo) but when you consider the services you can replace with it, plus the added convenience of having everything in one place... it's totally worth it. This website, as well as are both hosted on Kajabi.

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Even though Kajabi has built-in shopping carts, ThriveCart takes the checkout experience to the next level. You can do much more customizing of the checkout pages as well as alternative payment options. It has built-in affiliate tracking, name your own price options as well as many other features. It's not a necessity, but it is a nice luxury to have, especially if they are still offering the lifetime deal for $690.

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Circle is a premium membership hosting community. Think of it as the offspring that would be born if a Facebook Group mated with a Slack Channel.

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Website Platforms

  • SquareSpace ($16/mo or $144/year). This is what I recommend for health coaches. Easy to set up, easy to use and if you hire me for help, this and Kajabi are the only platforms I can help you with. UPDATE: The recent updates to Squarespace has made it a lot less user friendly in my opinion. If you are building a business online I suggest going with an eCommerce platform such as Kajabi or Simplero.
  • WordPress -  (Wordpress is free to use, but I suggest investing in a professional theme which can range from $50 to $500). It's the most popular platform in the world, but very confusing to manage yourself unless you are a programmer.
  • Wix & Weebly are two other free or inexpensive platforms, but I don't recommend them because most of the sites I've seen look very amateurish.


eCommerce Platforms

  • Kajabi - helps you sell and market digital products and courses. (it's what I use, starting at $119/month)
  • Simplero - If I didn't already use Kajabi, this is likely the solution I would be using. If nothing else, check out SImplero and opt into their free 8 email welcoming sequence to give you ideas on how you should set yours up.
  • Simvoly - Similar to Kajabi, about half the price, but it doesn't include email marketing.
  • Click Funnels - super spammy IMO
  • Podia
  • Teachable
  • Shopify (best if you are selling physical products)
  • SamCart - great for one page funnels
  • ThriveCart - I use this to host my checkout pages
  • Groove Funnels


Community Platforms:

Most people just use Facebook groups to host their communities because it'c convenient and most people are already on Facebook. The problem is it's not very professional and Facebook also controls the client relationship. You have no way to email everybody at once, and they could potentially shut you down at any time. I think it's best to host your own community on another platform where you are in control.


Email Automation 


Payment Portals 


Automatic Scheduling


Web Chat 

  • Drift (free or $50/mo)
  • Tawk (free)
  • Intercom (between $53-$155/mo)
  • Many Chat (FB messenger automation free or starting at $10/mo)


Surveys & Questionnaires


Online meetings

  • Zoom (free or $15-20/mo)


Graphic Designers


Stock Images


Social Proof & Notifications



More resources will be added soon

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