These are some of my favorite tools that help me run my coaching business.

Some options are free, some are not, but either way...

I wanted to share my toolkit with you!

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Website Platforms

  • SquareSpace ($16/mo or $144/year). This is what I recommend for health coaches. Easy to set up, easy to use and if you hire me for help, this and Kajabi are the only platforms I can help you with. UPDATE: The recent updates to Squarespace has made it a lot less user friendly in my opinion. If you are building a business online I suggest going with an eCommerce platform such as Kajabi or Simplero.
  • WordPress -  (Wordpress is free to use, but I suggest investing in a professional theme which can range from $50 to $500). It's the most popular platform in the world, but very confusing to manage yourself unless you are a programmer.
  • Wix & Weebly are two other free or inexpensive platforms, but I don't recommend them because most of the sites I've seen look very amateurish.


eCommerce Platforms

  • Kajabi - helps you sell and market digital products and courses. (it's what I use, starting at $119/month)
  • Simplero - If I didn't already use Kajabi, this is likely the solution I would be using. If nothing else, check out SImplero and opt into their free 8 email welcoming sequence to give you ideas on how you should set yours up.
  • Simvoly - Similar to Kajabi, about half the price, but it doesn't include email marketing.
  • Click Funnels
  • Podia
  • Teachable
  • Shopify (best if you are selling physical products)
  • SamCart
  • ThriveCart


Email Automation 

  • Moo Send (starting at $10/mo) is probably your best bet if you don't have Kajabi or Simpelro with built in emailing capabilites.
  • Convert Kit (starting at $29/mo)
  • Drip (free for up to 100 contacts, then $49/mo)
  • MailChimp
  • Mad Mimi (free or starting at $42/mo)
  • Get Response


Payment Portals 


Automatic Scheduling


Web Chat 

  • Drift (free or $50/mo)
  • Tawk (free)
  • Intercom (between $53-$155/mo)
  • Many Chat (FB messenger automation free or starting at $10/mo)


Surveys & Questionnaires


Online meetings

  • Zoom (free or $15-20/mo)


Graphic Designers


Stock Images


Social Proof & Notifications



More resources will be added soon

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