What I'm Doing Now

Updated 7/13/17:

  • Just launched a new site for another client: Coaching With Heidi

  • Add a page to CoachBecker.net to specifically help my fellow health coaches.

  • My book is finished! I've been working on it for over a year and I am excited to finally share it with you! BTW... it's FREE and you can pick up a copy here.

  • Designed and launched a site to help a client fill spots in a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

  • I don't really do resolutions, but I made it through all of January without having a Diet Dr. Pepper.

  • I relaunched coachbecker.net. Whether you need help losing weight, marketing your small business, or help figuring out what you charge for your wedding photography services, I can help you.

  • I started a program to become a certified health & wellness coach. So far it's very in depth, it affirms a lot of what I already practice & believe and the science behind it is really interesting! I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping people reach their health & fitness goals. UPDATE: I've completed the course and I am now officially a Certified Primal Health Coach!

  • About 50 people signed up for my New Years Challenge which started January 3, 2017. I am dedicated to helping them lose weight and keep it off once and for all. The nice thing about the challenge is that you can start whenever you'd like. You don't need to wait until the start of the month. It's ready and waiting for you whenever you decide it's time to drop some weight and change your eating habits for good.
  • If you missed my FB live video of my top productivity hacks for 2017, you can watch it here.

  • It's 2017 so I figured it was about time to get on Linkedin.

My 3rd Quarter 2017 Projects:

  • Finish thebeckers.co

  • Consistently get 1 sign up per day on

  • 20 consecutive pull ups

  • 175 pounds or 15% body fat

My 2nd Quarter 2017 Projects:

  • √√√ Launch Ketology.co √√√

  • Finish thebeckers.co

  • 20 consecutive pull ups.

  • √√√ Hit the 100 pounds lost mark √√√

My first quarter 2017 project include:

  • √√√ Finishing my book (Eat Your @$$ Off) √√√ - It's finished and you can get a FREE copy here.

  • √√√ Becoming a certified health & wellness coach. √√√

  • Building a combined website for me and my wife's photography business. (it's getting close!)
  • √√√ Revamping CoachBecker.net. √√√

  •  Finally hitting the 100 pounds lost mark. - Came up a few pounds short. It won't be long now though.


Books I am currently reading:

  • "The Art of Explanation" by Lee Lefevre. 

  • "The Case Against Sugar" by Gary Taubes

Books I've READ in 2017:

  • "Anything You Want" by Derek Sivers

  • "Sell or Be Sold" by Grant Cardone

  • "How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling" by Frank Bettger

  • "Tools of the Titans" by Tim Ferriss

  • "The Conversion Code" by Chris Smith

  • "Building a Story Brand" by Donald Miller

  • "The Salt Fix" by James DiNicolantonio

  • "How To Write Copy That Sells" by Ray Edwards

  • "The Efficiency Playbook" by Michael Andrew


This famous quote from Margaret Meade is something that fuels me every day as I strive to help reeducate the masses on what is healthy to eat and what is not:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

This portrait was taken on my 42nd birthday by my then fiancee Ashley. It was a special birthday as it was my first as a dad, my last as a single man, and I was down 80 pounds from my highest weight when this photo was taken. I also love the way I look in this photo... which is new for me... but the way I felt was even more incredible. I had a family of my own, we were all healthy & happy. What more can a guy ask for?

I am a...

Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a photographer who will capture gorgeous portraits and authentic moments in a relaxed & unobtrusive manner, I'M YOUR GUY!

Brides, please visit my website and request a copy of my free eBook.

Business Coach

If you are a wedding photographer looking for help building your business... you can count on my 20+ years of industry experience to guide you along.

I will personally help you develop win-win packages that add value for your clients and are profitable for your business. Guaranteed!

Motivational speaker

I have been a featured speaker and a voice in the wedding photography industry for almost 2 decades. I've appeared on stage at WPPI, SWPP, DWF and numerous PPA & PPOC affiliates.

I am not currently accepting any speaking appearances in 2017, but I'll be back on tour in 2018.

Wellness Advocate

If you are ready to lose weight once and for all... I CAN HELP YOU!

I've personally shed over 90 pounds and I am obsessed with helping others take control of their waistlines and wellbeing.

I've got a free eBook (coming soon) filled with info that completely contradicts what we've been taught about diet & exercise and it can radically transform your life.

Click the photo to see my fitness blog where I share what I eat on a regular basis as well as sharing industry news about health & fitness.

Click the photo to see my fitness blog where I share what I eat on a regular basis as well as sharing industry news about health & fitness.

Click the image to snag a free copy of my new eBook

Click the image to snag a free copy of my new eBook

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Photography has been my business for over 25 years now, but it has also been my hobby.

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Burning Man

Each summer I head to the Black Rock Desert northeast of Reno to attend Burning Man. I am inspired by the art, the people and the attitude and get a creative recharge each time I go. I love taking photographs of all of the beautiful & interesting people as well as the art they create.



From fine art nudes, to landscapes to random patterns and unconventional portraits. This is my personal work... which means I shot it because I wanted to, not because someone paid me to shoot it.